All Things in 2016

Friday, December 30, 2016

Whenever I listen to a song, read a quote from somewhere, see a glimpse of a photograph, vague yet vivid memories always flash onto my eyes.

When you say yes to things, oftentimes whatever the outcome is, one way or another we learn from it.

A year passed means a year full of affirmation and full of learning, full of regrets, embarrassment, joy, loneliness and uncertainty. However condescending this might sound, it’s true. If you didn’t get to experience these emotions, then your year probably went through like an average pop song, barely memorable, easily forgotten.

In complete honesty I still can’t figure out how I feel about this year, I feel like there are still loose ends I need to tie up but at the same time I feel restless.

Here are the things that happened in my life this year, enjoy.

1.      1,  I finished my 9th grade!

With the workload I had to endure on that year, I thought I was never going to be able survive, but I did.

2.      2.  I started my last year in Junior High School and possibly my last year in Pampanga High School

The 10th grade is difficult, even though the subjects are less compared to last school year, the schedule, the workload, the activities, the co-curricular events together with the pressure of graduating and the scary thought of  senior high school,  this school year became of the most stressful and hectic years of my life.


Together with my group mates we did the labs on the summer, finished the paper on the middle of the school year and recently defended our study. We have come a long way. We had to go through a lot of painful struggles just to reach the finish line for that research, and now finally we have arrived to the end. I feel so free

4.      4.  I have my own  LAPTOP.

I know this isn’t a big deal for some people out there, but hear me out. I have been waiting and wishing for my own laptop since I was young, and now that I finally have it is such an exciting feeling, even though I am still paying for it, it feels nice to have something that I bought on my own (still with the help of my parents, of course). Her name is Percy.

5.      5.  I learned how to play the ukulele
When my classmate brought her ukulele on our homeroom, it was love at first sight already. I spent my savings to buy a beautiful ukulele named Robin! I have learn quite a few songs, though I still consider myself an amateur I still love fooling around with it.

6.    6.    I became president of our school’s Science Club

I never imagined myself being elected as a president not even an officer of one of our school’s organization, but God blessed me with an opportunity to share what I have to my fellow students and I am truly grateful.

7.    7.    I became part of our TV Broadcasting team!

I trained, I interacted with people, I spoke in front of a camera, I wrote and delivered news, I met a good amount of amazing people in front and behind the mainstream media. I became more acquainted with the life and the reality behind what I see in the television and what I hear in the radio news,  we didn’t win, but my life just won a thousand experience winning a trophy will never give.

8.      8.  I learned to accept my feelings and emotions as a human being.

Before, I always assume that maybe I don’t feel anymore and shut people down. This year I realized that it’s okay to admit to yourself you are sad, it’s okay to feel happiness; you are not selfish just because you are happy and someone is not. It’s okay to feel shitty sometimes, to feel the excitement, let it in. Do not let your inner demon voice get ahead of you. IT’S OKAY TO FEEL.


      Ignorance is my favourite thing in the world. Whenever I feel like drowning, I push myself out of the suffocating water by forgetting about it. It’s not the best way but it works for me. Letting go of negative thoughts is the shortcut to peace of mind.

            10.    I discovered a lot of awesome things this year.
·         HAMILTON
·         The world of Asian Dramas
·         Panic at the disco
·         Civil War was released this year!
·         I watched bunch of amazing shows/movies
·          And many more!

11.  BIGBANG happened.

As we all know, One direction was my life (it still is), but when they disbanded  a lot of things changed for me, I was constantly trying to find new music and trying to be part of new world, and yet nothing quite clicked. Until Bigbang happened, they are not my replacement nor my sloppy second to 1D, I am happy whenever I listen to them, I am filled with joy whenever I watch and see them, this feeling that I haven’t felt in a long time is coming back. Words cannot describe how thankful I am to these idiots. Thank you, saranghae.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the people that made my 2016 a great one.

My family :)
Newton people (you guys know who you are, I hope we stay together for many years to come)
Electron family
Science Club officers
Ma'am Munar
Micah,Ian,Kim,Francis,Raine,Maureen,Pam ( hello dudes)
One Direction community
VIP family 


2017 is the year for new beginnings, new challenges for my academics for my personal development and hopefully my mental/emotional growth. I hope to share my life with people who matter in my life.
Let’s all welcome the new year with kindness and love!

Stay awesome !
Trisha x

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