This is what a filipino living room looks like

Monday, October 31, 2016

I belong to a middle class Filipino family. We aren’t poor, but we aren’t rich either (not even in the slightest). Here is what our living room looks like.

here's an overview
So here's the thing. In our house, the condition of our living room depends on the occasion. Most occasions and gatherings, bunch of people come over to occupy it, and our living room transforms into a decent place for humans to sit in when this happens.

In this case, there's no occasion or gathering whatsoever. This is what it normally looks like.

here's another overview with my cousin.
These are some of our chairs and throw pillows.

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As you may have noticed, we don't have a lot of sofas and chairs with cushion. We do have those but they're sitting on the storage room. What we have on our receiving area is the antique chairs our ancestor's house used to have.

They don't win as the most comfortable chairs though.

From a different angle you can see the chairs containing a bag (which is mine by the way) , some clothes that I think I was supposed to put on my cabinet, a glimpse of the pc, an electric fan and a shelf.

Here's a close up of that shelf. This has an extension cord, some papers (bottom part), you can't see the printer but it's at the topmost part, some containers and candle holders at the middle.

This is a HP printer

Old photo albums.

And then there's my bookshelf.  It's the most organized shelf ever created (except it's not). I swear I planned on arranging my books but I just have a lot on my plate lately.

The books, and apparently a stapler, cologne and a plastic bag

More books and more papers (ha).

Here are some random snapshots

Camera used : Canon powershot
Photo Editor : Adobe Photoshop Express

Stay awesome!
Trisha x

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