The Insurgent Experience

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A non-spoiler Insurgent adventure talk

This is not going to be a  detailed discussion of the book-to-movie adaptation of Insurgent. However it will be a discussion of the whole experience. 


Rewind a year ago my classmates and I watched the first installment of the series, Divergent. After that we waited for nearly a year for the second movie.

The posters were released and to be honest I wasn't amazed (read: I wasn't disappointed either).
the official one
the fan made

If you will get my opinion I like the fan made more than the official one, don't hate me on this one but the official is not that striking.

The Trailer

The first one came early December last year, it was a bit confusing and exciting at the same time, it's the definition of mix feelings.

The other trailers, tv spots, stills, interviews, reviews came and the date is coming closer and more and more mix reviews appeared.

With that I went to the cinema with very low expectations because I don't want to disappoint myself remembering how I loved the first one.


We saw the movie on its release day on Robinsons Movie World and we got a free tumblr!

here is the picture of the mug! credits to my friend Mariz!
(Okay as said this will not be a discussion of the book to movie adaptation but I am planning to review it on my other blog)


We got out of the cinema energized and wanting for more, we took pictures of ourselves inside the cinema because we are the only ones left, I was waiting for an after credits (because MARVEL????) scene but unfortunately they did not put anything after the credits. 

Here is one thing I can say.

The first one was better than the second movie, no doubt but it's still worth the money, tears and feels that I poured throughout the wait.

I'm still excited for Allegiant Part One! I hope you are as well!

Wotcher! Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: photos are from tumblr, i don't get credit from then unless stated

Stay Awesome Stark,
Trish x

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