Sunday, March 08, 2015

when you just want to punch someone in the face  sass someone

I am that kind of person who has a very very short temper. I tend to have like a lot of mood swings but not to the point that one second I am happy and the next minute I'm screaming, just I hate stupid.

Imagine this. A scenario when you're watching a very interesting film and then someone will ask you bunch of questions or someone keeps on telling you about what will happen and won't let you watch the goddamn movie and guess what YOU JUST WANT TO PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE

Or that moment when you're talking and then suddenly someone will just start blurting out words then and there and will catch their (people you're talking to) attention (while you're talking) making you look like a total alienoid from another planet who is talking to no one 

like seriously wasn't your teacher able teach you some respect?
Or when someone snatches your food off your hands

Whatever the scenario is there will always be that moment when you just literally want to punch someone straight in their ugly faces but how tempting it may seem, we should always know how to understand people and learn to let it go, (not everyone knows how to be polite and respectful lol at u)
The right thing to do is to be the adult one and talk to them or easier just ignore it!

Don't let anyone ruin your glorious day, just shake it off 

and please, I beg, Don't punch him/her in the face

Wotcher! Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: photos are from tumblr, i don't get credit from then unless stated

Stay awesome Sherlock,
Trisha x

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