Help! It's summer and I'm stuck

Friday, April 01, 2016

The first few days of summer have been pretty fun. Fun by the context in which I lay in bed until  10:00 am  to eat breakfast, watch tv all day and go back to bed around 1 or 2 am. It’s relaxing, especially for me, a 15 year old grade 9 student who undergoes a lot of acads stress because I’m under the SSC program, and relax ain’t a word in my vocabulary my dear. 

I guess its fine (?) relaxing for a bit. Trust me I understand the feeling of just enjoying the  lazy days and not worrying about an upcoming test and the deadline of the project just around the corner that is lurking into your subconscious , but lying in bed all day while work needs to be done is not okay.  The cycle aforementioned is also not a good thing to practice when you want to have a productive summer, filled with insights and new discoveries (huh) . Perhaps a week or two is justified, but eventually you have to get your arse off the bed and do something, anything productive!

But what can I do to get the slime that is procrastination of my body?

It will be hard. Especially if your body is already used to the routine and your mind is programmed to do nothing except sleep, eat and watch but Bill Gates didn’t become a millionaire without taking a tiny step.  That’s it! Take it easy, one step at a time.

1.  For example one day sleep around 8? Too soon? Okay 9, 9:30 pm tops. Get your handy dandy alarm clock set it at 7:30 so you can have the 30 minutes clicking that snooze button.

2.Eat your breakfast (SUPER IMPORTANT!)

3. Read the newspaper and/or do something besides sitting in front of your computer stalking Jack Falahee, like washing the dishes you used in breakfast, reorganizing your shelf or simply taking your dog outside and when you’re finally  tired (of actually doing something)  and you feel like you need a break, go to your comfy seat and watch an episode or two (NOTE: EPISODE OR TWO NOT THE ENTIRE SEASON) of GOTHAM.

See? It’s not that bad. Of course, letting yourself enjoy the free time is fine, but remember that with the time your spending drooling over Connor walsh’s pictures on tumblr is a waste compared to using it in cleaning your room (while blasting the new album of THE 1975).

Being productive is not an easy job to do but the results it will show in the end will pay off.  Enjoy your summer! 

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Stay awesome!
Trisha x

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