Saturday, February 13, 2016

The first thing that comes to a teen’s mind when talking about the lack of electricity because no power means no internet connection, no computers to used and when the battery dies there will be no charging that’s going to happen. Yesterday, when I found out that there will be a power shortage on our town from 7 am in the morning until 7 pm in the evening my instinct was to whine because it’s the weekend and giving up the only thing that defines the weekend which is internet-all-day is just devastating, yeah teenage angst.
Later that evening I got tired of whining and I started planning what to the next day. Here are some things you can do when there is a power shortage

1. Exercise

I woke up 6:00 and set my mind that I will jog and hell yes I did. I know you can do this with or without the electricity but the lack of that made me got up my ass and started jogging and the feeling after is refreshing.

2. Read a Book

Most of the time when I don’t have school work to do, I watch television. I used to read a lot and by a lot I mean every time that was put to an end when I started watching tv shows, now I only get to read books 3 or 4 times a week but I started reading Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer and I am confident to say that I am almost finished! way to go me!

3. Clean the house (sweep the floor)

I want to say cleaned the house but I would be lying so I am going to say that I swept the floor and cleaned some appliances in the house, it felt nice since I don’t do this often and I probably should

4. Learn a new song

Whatever voice you have, let it be heard. Go to your phone and stream some songs  master the lyrics and sing your heart out. I learned Rather Be, it’s a pretty cool song

5. Make some crafts aka make bookmarks

They’re fun and easy to do and I like reading so I had tons of fun making those suckers.

Electricity is a necessity we all know that but let’s not forget that there are lots of things we are missing out when we just spend all our time in front of our gadgets. 

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Stay awesome, Deadpool!
Trisha x

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