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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

"Todays music ain't got the same soul. I like that old time rock and roll"

It's time for another music recommendations! Today I will be listing down some of my favorite classic / old songs! Hope you enjoy them!

1. La Vie En Rose

This is an english version of the song by Daniela Andrade which I absolutely love!

A french and english version of the song! by the amazing Foxtails Brigade 

Lastly, Christin Milioti's english rendition of the song from HIMYM with her ukelele

2. The Way You Look Tonight

Just beauty.

Another one with faith hill!

Add a modern twist, Voila!

This is where I heard the song for the first time, so whenever I listen to this Monica and Chandler are the people that I remember #Thatislove

3. Uptown Girl

The original version by Billy Joel will always be my favorite!

4. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now

Check this movie out! The  Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now part  is epic

5. It's Not Unusual

It's not unusual, it happens everyday!

 Wotcher! Thanks for reading!

(Disclaimer: photos are from tumblr, i don't get credit from them unless stated)
Stay Awesome Stark,

Trisha x

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