Shadowhunters and Teen Wolf Season 5B Trailer Talk

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Trailer,trailer and more trailers!


After almost 2 years of waiting and hearing rumors here and there about a movie or a tv show that will redeem the glory that is the Shadohunter world it's finally here! the trailer for the awaited TV Show of 2016!


A teaser dropped last thursday. It is merely an introduction to  of the world. In which we see Clary and simon's friendship. Clary unravelling the secrets of the shadowhunters world when see turned 18.

We also get a glimpse of what would Magnus look like. I personally don't like the make up of Harry Shum as Magnus, don't get me wrong I think he's a great choice as our favorite warlock but the hair and make up is something to think about.

he looks so emo and also sleep deprived

Matthew Daddario on the other hands looks great!! Also, at least, he doesn't look like 30 years old (HAH)

Izzy looks so kick ass in this trailer as well! talk about #girlpower

I was shocked to see that Simon's vampirism is revealed early in the series seeing the scene on the trailer with blood dripping down his lips. I am fascinated on how are they going to execute this topic since it's a big part of the storyline of the book series.

I also like the colors of the trailer, Odd isn't it but it has the neon vibe (but let's face it tumblr edits made by the tumblr gods are still the BEST). Although it hints that it won't be as dark as I expected it to be. I really want to see this dark and serious part of the world!

I'll give it a


Well the actual trailer dropped yesterday October 9!

The first scene is the one when Clary's mom takes her to Magnus, still, Magnus needs sleep seriously.

Also I'm not the biggest fan of the special effects, honestly it reminds me of teen wolf season 1 

I just hope the effects are not something a 16 year old can do on After Effects!

There are some weird shit going on in this trailer like the demon, Clary  disapparating (say what) also the transition of that is weird

However Dom (Jace) is so sassy I love it. I believe that's one of the things that Jamie lacked in the movie

I can't enumerate all the things that happened in the trailer since it'll take years for me to voice out my feelings (yes, feelings)

meanwhile alec (damn)

Clary looking like "what are you doing, why are you dying"


But even if it seems like I'm making fun out of this in the end I'm just here to share my enthusiasm. I am excited and scared at the same time, this is one  of my favorite series and I sure hope that people will appreciate the art of the world the characters. Also I hope they won't mess this up

Am I ready?

I'll give it  a

Teen Wolf Season 5 B 


Season 5 of teen wolf wasn't its best. Probably my least favorite season. The story lines are all over the place, it was confusing.

This trailer shows that Lydia will become a huge part of 5B because she can see things (still not sure whether she can see the past or the future). However we all know whatever happens Lydia is always taken for granted. She needs more exposure more of her story line because her character development from season 1 is pretty huge.

Apparently Theo is now on the good side (or just really desperate that he's seeking
Scott's help)

This scene I believe is the aftermath of Mr Stilinski's current condition, meaning he's in a hospital. Half of me is saying "Oh god, no Stiles and scott, stop please" and the other half is screaming " Gosh, eff yeah, GO STILES, GO STILES, my baby" get me?

The main antagonists are still the dread doctors.. hmmm

Familiar faces everywhere. They made me squeal.

Deucalion ( I literally have to google the spelling)

Mr Argent is back!!!!

Oh, since  they are resurrecting people from the dead they might as well bring Allison back :(

I am not sure whether the Oni are back or it's just one of those Kira I think-I'm-going-insane moments. Still it's nice to see them back, they remind me of the good old days of teen wolf (3B *coughs)

All in all I love this trailer! It's gonna be dark for sure. The characters are back (not derek though :( ) I hope Scott's not being a bitch anymore. I hope Stydia happens and I hope this season will be a blast!

"Lydia getting out of Eichen House will be ultimately up to Stiles."

I'm just gonna leave that there

Wotcher! Thanks for reading!

(Disclaimer: photos are from tumblr, i don't get credit from them unless stated)
Stay Awesome Stiles,
Trisha x

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