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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Here are 10 web series that will destroy your boredom !

Since I started spending an ungodly amount of time surfing the internet which led to spending loads of time watching Youtube videos I encountered some web series that are great and are definitely worth the watch, hope you enjoy them =D. In no particular order


glad you ask,

web series is a series of scripted videos, generally in episodic form, released on the Internet or also by mobile or cellular phone, and part of the newly emerging medium calledweb television. A single instance of a web series program can be called an episode or webisode, however the latter term is falling into disuse.
and ladies and gents that is indeed straight from wikipedia, I'm so proffesional (read: sarcasm).

The Web series

1. I Didn't Write This by Yulin Kuang

It is a series of adaptations from literary works however instead of showing all the contents of the certain book she only picks scenes that are memorable, fun, romantic,etc... to watch.

here is my favorite :)

This is a scene from a book called "Fangirl" written by rainbow rowell, it's sweet and absolutely adorable!
Subscribe to Yulin Kuang and watch more from her!

2. Squaresville

Squaresville is a funny, weird, quirky, indie teen web series about growing up in the suburbs with nothing to do. Each episode is filled with funny situations, weird characters filled with teen angst, hipsters, romance, drama, and adventure.
What I like about this web series is that the characters are relatable, they're awkward and funny at the same time. It's about friendship, it also tackles a lot of issues like LGBT ,relationship  and all teens are going through in this modern day.

oh and did I metion it has a second season? HELL YEAH!

For more info: click me

3. Royal Crush by AwesomenessTV

They are young, travellin' and lovin'

"As Desi and her cousin settle into their Mediterranean Cruise they each have a run in with a guy that will definitely make their trip a little more interesting.
There are a lot of web series you can watch at awesomenessTV so better check their youtube now! Also Royal Crush will come back for season two so watch it before the second comes!

4. Emma Approved 

From the creators of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries comes a new adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma.
She's confident, beautiful, successful and well... single but it doesn't only revolves on her dating life of course, it tackles the fiasco that comes along with being Emma herself. It's about self discovery, finding out that you don't have to be alone at all circumstances and maybe, just maybe what you love is just beside you.

Let Emma make your life better


An action movie. With books!

 That one line actually sums up this kick-ass web series with fantastic and hilarious dialogues. The action series are great! It's like a real TV series!

watch more from Tim H

6. Temporary by Buzzfeed Motion Pictures

It's amazing to think that your favorite website to hang out when your bored or just to kill time makes funny and great videos on youtube. One of my favorites is Temporary. Real life siblings situations that are totally relatable! Though there are just 3 episodes in this series yet we're hoping to get more!

Get more buzzfeed

7. The Art of Seduction by Polandbananas20 

Our favorite booktuber / comedian Christine aka xtinemay created this wonderful series that I've been raving for quite a while now. The Art of Seduction is about twins Monica and Ari, they're twins and they're here on a quest through the world of boys,college,siblings struggles and a lot of awkwardness (and laughs!) !

Watch Episode 2

The third is currently on the works and I can't wait!!!!

watch christine's comedy videos and book vlogs 

8. Full Benefits by College Humor

A new series that combines work and pleasure.
watch from the first episode because the one above is the fourth, I didn't like the thumbnail quality of the first one so I changed it (LOL)

P.S it's completely for General audience, it's not what you think it is  ;)
more college humor!

9. Bad Burglars by Tim H

Another work from Tim! good job, you made it twice!
The title speaks for it self. Lots of running, action, awkward situations and bad burglaring? 

10. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Do you really think I wouldn't add LBD on my list?

What I consider the queen of web series. The modern adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Watch Lizzie go through her life as a grad student, her family fiasco and sometimes she also mentions a guy named Darcy.

Bonus (because why not?)

Super Cafe by HISHE

You can never go wrong with a little bit of awesomeness from our favorite heroes. Whether if you are a DC or Marvel fan you will definitely love this series. Superman and Batman are the regulars with appearances of The Avengers, The Incredibles, Super Mario, Guardians of The Galaxy, Spiderman and more!

watch the villain pub and more HISHE


Wotcher! Thanks for reading!

(Disclaimer: photos are from tumblr, i don't get credit from them unless stated)
 Stay Awesome Darcy!,
Trisha x

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