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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Welcome to another post in which I review books that were sent to me and Y'ALL should read it 
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Heart Choices
by Various Authors
Publication Date: April 24, 2015


Sometimes it’s hard to choose. Do you stay or do you let go?

Should you become friends, more than friends, or stay strangers? Would you risk love for popularity? You’re invited to explore these stories and find out each character’s choice from the heart.

Until the Race is Over by Lyka Caparas

Rico wishes Lianne back in his life, but because of that viral article that Traecy posted on their school paper's website, it appears to be impossible for them to be together again. Traecy on the other hand, had only one wish for her birthday, to spend it with the one she admires since high school – Rico Avila. How can fate brings the two together in a race that would definitely reveal small discoveries that can lead to two choices: either to tear them apart or hope for a more unexpected relationship?
This is one of those stories that you just can't stand the characters, at first. I disliked Rico for being such a snob and Traecy for being so inlove with Rico. Okay maybe I'm being biased since I never felt these feelings but I liked them eventually right after Rico realized Traecy's undying love for him. Sure, there is the cliche factor but it's still worth the read

3 coffee cups

 In That Summer by Jayen San Diego

Senior high school student Jane Enriquez is the ‘dream-girl’ of all male students at Southridge Montessori. Well, except the geeky student leader Sean Villamayor. Opposing from the start, Sean never expected Jane would become his partner for this year’s Summer Camp Immersion. Will this be their worst summer? Or will it turn out to be different?

Don't judge a book by its cover.

There are lots of things that can happen in a summer camp especially when you're partnered with a girl you never think of anything as the popular queen b. Sean is blinded by his prejudices,  he's compulsive and judges people without knowing them, that's his flaw. Jaine doesn't care what other thinks of her and maybe that's why her reputation turned out well, like that. However at least they realized both their mistakes and made them right. I like the family aspect in the story.
3.5 coffee cups

On the Outside Looking In by Claire Du

Seventeen-year-old Freya Mahilum has always been in love with football hotshot Ezra Montelibano. Ezra, who’s too caught up with family pressures and his so-called girlfriend to pay attention to a geek obsessed with him. Freya knows she'd never stand a chance with him, but then fate conspires to bring them together. Will getting to know each other prove that love knows no boundaries or will they find that they're better off existing in two separate worlds?
 In this story, we can clearly see the admiration Freya for Ezra. However ezra was blinded by his bitchy girlfriend, his sport, his father and all these crazy distractions. I kinda disliked him on some of the parts of this story but he proved himself at the latter part. I wish there were more character development specially with Ezra, but all in all it was a pretty good read

3 coffee cups

What About Today by Dawn Lanuza

Aiden's stuck working for his family's amusement park, Funtastic World, for the whole summer. Nothing amuses him, until he met this terrified girl.
Gemma's stuck in Funtastic World thinking she could handle the park's rides. She couldn't. Good thing she met someone to guide her.
As the day comes to a close, Aiden and Gemma ask themselves if one day is ever enough to decide if they were better off as friends or strangers.
 What I most like about this story is the characters, Aiden is like this go with the flow guy who has this deep passion for something that is yet the unravel, Gemma is this i would rather pretend to listen to music with my earphones than interact with a person. They were i interested in each other, it wasn't like i saw him, boom i love you.There is something yet to develop. It's something new,fresh, very charismatic and adorable story.
4 coffee cups

Waiting for Whatever by Fay Sebastian

Denise knew pain at an early age. She has been waiting for her true love since she was 11, but she never gave up, knowing she'd meet him someday.
What she didn't know was that she already met the man she's been waiting for, and that he's sitting beside her at the airport. The thought never crossed her mind because she's seated between two guys who broke her heart before.
its 11:00 and I can't even form a coherent sentence maybe due to lack of caffeine, but anyway since the first time i read this to review, i knew i liked it ever since.
here are a few things I learned I learned that sometimes love is just not enough I learned that when you care for someone, learn to let go. if it makes them happy, let them go. Friendship is important, I really really love the aspect of second chances and forgiveness in this story. hint hint SETH *cries I can go and say more and more things about this but it will take ages and there's more to read. I really recommend this book and can't wait to read what's in store for us to read ♥
4 coffee cups

Barely Even Friends by Kristel S. Villar

For pretty and athletic Emily Fonseca, nothing’s better than getting invited to join Luna East Arts Academy’s most popular crowd, the Elites. She only has to fulfill a list of dares to prove that she’s got what it takes. But will it cost Emily her rekindled friendship with language tutor and childhood friend Noah Calderon?
 This story reminds me of Emma by Jane Austen, it's not a bad thing, really.
Emily is flawed, blinded by her adoration for being an elite, but he cares for noah that she'll do anything to protect him from harm. I am so happy to see these two childhood friends -became strangers - now are closer than ever. I learned that our mistakes either bonds or destroy relationships.
3.5 coffee cups


Lyka Caparos

Because I want something in my life that I think is better than pursuing a degree that is far beyond the expectations of my heart.

Jayen San Diego

Who I am?

I'm Jayen San Diego, a twenty-something who write stories mostly about love. I'm a news archivist by day, fiction writer by night and a self-confess Fangirl in between.

Why I write?

“In order to write about life first you must live it.” 
― Ernest Hemingway

They say when we want a moment to last, we close our eyes. Well, for me, I prefer to write it down. Reliving the moments through writing is what I do.

What I write?

Sharing my thoughts about life and love and writing.

From personal anecdotes to life opinions, you can read it here. When my melancholic side is on, you can read poetic post but generally it is a mirror of what’s happening in my daily life.

Claire Du

Claire has been a bookworm ever since she can remember. Her passion for reading started when she met Archie Andrews at the Airport Bookshop. Aside from writing short stories, she also enjoys reading and reviews at http://thebookjunkie.weebly.com, playing the keyboard, and just cuddling with her dog Frou. She's the author of He Loves Me... Not?, one of the short stories in an anthology called Luna East Vol.1 : Kids These Days.

Dawn Lanuza

Dawn Lanuza started writing stories when she was just a kid (the drafts weren't good or even finished). She works for the music industry by day and writes meet cutes and snappy comebacks by night. She currently lives with her family and an adopted dog.

Fay Sebastian

Fay started writing stories since she learned how to write with a pencil, but she only rediscovered her love for writing when she was a high school freshman. Since then, writing has become her life.

Now a Speech Communication student at the University of the Philippines, she writes even during the busiest of days because writing prevents her from being a college zombie.

Why she holds writing instruments in an odd way will always be a mystery to the world.

Kristel S. Villar

Kristel S. Villar covers sporting events for a national broadsheet by day and tries to write fiction by night. In between, she takes care of her husband and son. She has penned "Blast from Two Pasts". a contemporary romance novella, and "The Rumor About Me", her first short story for the Luna East anthology. He second Luna East short story, "One on One" is featured in the quarterly online romance journal, Clara (www.clararomance.com).



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