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Thursday, April 30, 2015

"Lawyer by day, vigilante by night. The hell does that work? "


 Marvel's Daredevil is an original Netflix web series created by Drew Goddard based on Marvel's comic character with the same name. All episodes of the first season premiered on April 10, 2015.

As a huge marvel fan, Daredevil did a great job in portraying a human character and a kick-ass super-hero. I watched all 13 episodes in less than a week on the internet because it's on netflix and unfortunately it's not yet available here in the Philippines (I've checked for like a bajillion times).  So if Netflix is available where you live watch it there! and support the series :) 

Watch The Trailer first!

The Characters

Matthew "Matt" Murdock is played by Charlie Cox, what I know about him prior Daredevil was only his role on The Theory of Everything and personally I didn't like him there maybe because of his role. I was first skeptical on his ability to portray Matt based on his roles before this TV show but boy I was wrong,

What I like about his Daredevil approach was that he was "human" he was just a person who has abilities but other than that he was just a normal handicapped person who has problems,friends, and a job. Did I mention he's a lawyer? 
An Intelligent, honest and wise lawyer by day and a kick-ass vigilante by night.

The other characters also did a fantastic job! The side stories weren't too much. Kingpin (the bald man on the right side) played by Vincent D'Onofrio was also magnificently done! I liked the way he thought that he was just making the city a better place (which not by the way). As the main antagonist he had a story to tell and not only a hero to kill. 

The Opening Sequence 

By far the best opening sequence I have ever seen in my 14 years of existence. It shows how dark, gritty and bloody (literally) the show will be. One of the major problems of TV shows these days are their opening titles, they lack creativity and this one beats them all. It's very powerful and dark and has the right amount of horror. (The Marvel logo's appearance at the end part is so powerful) 

Now and Then

 We can all admit that this Daredevil was better than the 2003 one. The movie version ( left) was a bit too cheesy and lacks the humane factor I was looking for. Even though the TV version is much darker ( ex. Blood, body parts taken away from body, more blood) I still prefer the new one because maybe the character development is better, the suit id better and overall I just like it that much!

Final Thoughts

I love the series very much! It's not cheesy (DEFINITELY NOT), the characters were well-played.
If you are comic book fan or just looking for a good TV show to watch (with loads of blood, grit and gore, yeah those stuff) or you watch shows like Arrow, The Flash, Smallvile, Agent's of Shield, Agent Carter etc. then this show is for you!


5/5 coffee cups

(disclaimer: I don't own any of the images shown unless stated)

Stay awesome Murdock!
Trisha x

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