Friday, December 05, 2014


 We were given a chance to participate a seminar at the Heroes Hall in San Fernando Pampanga,
where they discuss and encourage students who attended the event to work and be part of the industry with its opinion after graduation

the stage kinda looks like this
I noticed that our school is the only high school attendees which is kinda cool

here is a picture of my classmates and I
I am not going to detail every single information I have gathered because it will be too long,

reserved seats? anyone?
One thing that I really remembered was how important English is, and what are the advantage in using it as a mode of communication and expression
in which i prove that blur is beauty
After the morning discussion, we ate lunch which is the best part (as my classmates say)
blurry picture because my device decided to die 

some of my classmates who are enjoying their luch

This event also changed my perspective about "Call agents" and the industry itself on how it works and the perks.

please excuse the fabulous face of Angel
At the end of the day, what matters is that we gained a whole lot of information and meet a lot of people from the different sectors of the government,students from other schools and successful people who inspired us to work hard!

The Grade Eight Class of PHS-SSC Darwin

And with that, we finally said goodbye!

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