Thursday, December 18, 2014

For the past few days I have been seeing some tweets or post on the social media saying how unlucky they are but for some reasons it got me thinking.

What does Luck really mean?
When are you Lucky?

There will always be that time when we just think " I am the luckiest person on earth!"

or this " I am so unlucky"

but I tell you I also get that feeling, like you were cursed and you can't get even the simplest thing you want!

However there are still things that you have to take in mind before saying you're unlucky,
so hold on to your seats and let's begin.

1. You're lucky because you have your family (complete and safe).
(one in three children live in single-parent homes. )
2. You're lucky because you have proper education
 (Did you know that some teens will do everything just to get back to school?)

3.You're lucky you have something to eat and to savor

4. You're lucky you can stalk your favorite boyband/band on the internet
(believe me not everyone knows what internet is.)

5. You're lucky you have your 5 senses 
( that is why we salute those who have disabilities and still think they are lucky)

6. You're lucky because you can eat whatever you want, drink anything you want...
(because there are some people who are allergic to basically everything)

7. You're lucky because you have your friends
(yes, friends are important, so don't ever do anything to lose them)

8. You're lucky because you can go out with your family for dinner at shakey's

9. You're lucky because you can appreciate the littlest things in life!
(like the cute little notes stuck in your book after lending it to someone?)

10. You're lucky you are alive!
( because trust me being able to live and enjoy life is probably the greatest gift of all and the reason why you are lucky.)

So before throwing a big 'ol tantrum for how "unlucky" you are, list down things that makes you lucky, maybe someday you will realize you are not really unlucky, but you can't just get everything you want.

-Luck is believing you're lucky.

Tennessee Williams

(disclaimer: I don't own any of the images shown unless stated)

Stay awesome!
Trisha x

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